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Inside the tale of the fox

Englisch · DVD

US Version | Ländercode 1
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it was all about achieving starr-dom: having seen the beatles on the ed sullivan show, seven-year-old eric (born paul caravello) got his first set of drums and began developing his musical skills. after playing in countless bands and working odd jobs, in 1980 fate led carr to audition for kiss. at the audition, he amply demonstrated both his musical talent and his humility as he asked for the band's autographs on the way out. impressed, kiss gave him the job as their new drummer... and the chance to finally live out his dreams.
as a member of rock and roll's most successful group for eleven years, carr won acclaim from critics the world over and the hearts of millions of fans with his "fox" makeup character and dynamic musicianship on nine albums and seven major tours. his star shone even brighter when stories about his unusual accessibility began to circulate, adding a personal dimension to a larger-than-life image: carr would routinely meet with fans, even visiting them in hospitals.
tragically, carr's resolve was put to the test in 1991 when he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. though he fought a courageous battle against the disease, his life, sadly, ended later that year. carr was only 41. today, eric carr is remembered as a superb musician - but more than that, as an unwaveringly positive human being who touched the lives of millions, not just with his music but with his heart.
'inside the tale of the fox' chronicles the complete life and times of eric carr - gone but not forgotten. included are candid remembrances by family and friends, private eight-millimeter films and video. there's also unreleased eric carr music and an exclusive look at the drummer's animation project, the rockheads - ron albanese


Produzent Jack Edward Sawyers
Regisseur Jack Edward Sawyers
Interpreten Eric Carr
Genre Hardrock, Metal
Inhalt DVD
FSK / Altersfreigabe ab 0 Jahren
Erscheinungsdatum 03.10.2000
Ton Englisch
Laufzeit 96 Minuten
Version US Version
Ländercode 1




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